What is a Penn foster personal narrative essay?

In today’s educational process, the essay is the most common form of testing the knowledge students receive. Despite the fact that most of the time the requirements for writing essays are the same, the end result and the ways of preparing for the paper can differ significantly. We suggest learning more about the secrets of write my essay, including narrative essays using Penn Foster’s personality as an example.

How to write a narrative essay correctly?

Before we move on to know the tips for writing narrative essays, we suggest learning more about what they are. By and large, it is a small independent work that is used as a way to check the consolidation of the previously studied material, with the only difference being that the form of such an essay may be freer from the standard academic requirements. For writing such an essay, different techniques of preparing and writing work may be applied. For example, the life and work of Penn Foster are used as a basis for writing a paper. To produce a narrative essay, it is necessary to:

  1. Provide the basic facts of his biography. It should not be a detailed retelling of all the events from his life – only a brief overview of the most significant facts concerning his life and activities, which will help to reveal the features of his personality and the importance of achievements for the national and world culture.
  2. Analyze the conditions of his life. Again – this should not be a detailed retelling in the form of a date – event. You can briefly describe the general political and social environment of the different stages of his life, indicate famous figures, whose worldview and activities had the greatest influence on him. One can also show the connection between his idols and the major achievements made possible by belonging to certain political and social currents.
  3. Provide a brief overview of his contributions to social and cultural life. Here you can briefly describe his achievements and their impact on modernity, and show how important they are to modernity and the further development of all society. If you personally disapprove of anything he did, you can write about it and give some arguments as to why you think so.
  4. Describe Penn Foster’s influence on shaping your personality. Narrative essays should still have brief conclusions, so in this part, you can indicate how exactly the life and activities of a famous person have influenced you personally and shaped your system of values and worldview.

Narrative essays can have a looser structure and style of narration, but they should not constitute a work of fiction. Therefore, try to adhere to the principles of brevity and informativeness when writing them.