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Argumentative essay main features

The main task of an argumentative essay is not just to express your opinion. Of course, it would help if you were heard. But no matter how strong a position you say, it can go unnoticed if your essay is not correctly structured and argued with solid arguments. This guide will show you how to begin.

So, first of all, it is necessary to define the meaning of an argumentative essay. This type of essay aims to get readers to support the author’s point of view. The argumentative essay often becomes part of the homework assignment of high school and university students. This essay covers science, politics, technology, and health care.

Argumentative Essay Plan – 4 Simple Steps

A plan is the first action an author must take before beginning a paper. In an argumentative essay, the structure of the text should be as simple as possible to make it readable. Below we present an example of a suitable format for this type of essay:

  • Interlocutory paragraph

At the beginning of the essay, you should expand on the topic, describing its subject matter in more detail and providing the background information to understand your upcoming arguments better.

  • The thesis statement

In the thesis statement, you should briefly explain your position. This is part of your first paragraph. 

  • The main body paragraphs

Typically, an argumentative essay will describe at least three paragraphs of reasons supporting your thesis statement. Each section should describe a new idea, but it should be as short and straightforward. After stating your opinion, you should immediately back it up with examples, statistics, quotes, or other evidence. The following paragraphs should contain opposing points of view so that you can refute them, as reviewing the topic from all sides will give your opinion more credibility.

  • Closure

The last paragraph confirms your opinion but in different words. It summarizes all the arguments you have made, and in this paragraph, you should refrain from introducing new information to the reader, only concluding on the current topic.

When you already know what principle the structure of the essay should follow, you need to do the following:

  • Formulate your thesis statement – for this, you can use three ways of unfolding your thought. The first is to formulate an answer to the question in the essay topic, the second is to develop an argument and then refute it, and the third is to state the main points in a concise and straightforward manner
  • Think about how you will present your arguments-there are several types of arguments, some of which are fact, definition, or value
  • Decide what kind of argument construction you will use – arguments can be presented in a classical, Rogerian, or Toulmin manner

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