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How to prevent stress during the exam?

Exams are always exciting and stressful. And entrance exams are also a considerable responsibility for choosing your future. How to survive this difficult period with the least “losses” for mental and physical health? How to maintain efficiency and a good mood in such a difficult time? The exam is not just a test of knowledge but an examination of knowledge under stress and an unpredictable result. Tension arises not only with the load but also in its absence. It is appropriate to recall that anxiety is a natural, ordinary state of a person in a complicated, unfamiliar situation, and absolutely all people experience it. It is necessary to prepare for any exam – and the more serious this preparation is the less anxiety will be. Pressure can negatively affect exam results because students can forget familiar material, become less attentive, etc. It takes more time to deal with emotions. The success of the exam increases if the child can cope with excitement or if the exam does not cause him anxiety but confidence in himself and his abilities. In this case, writing an essay on stress and examination writing skills is a mandatory task for every student. The success of the exam increases if the child knows what procedure awaits him.

How to write a well-structured essay on stress and examination writing skills?

An essay is a small work with an arbitrary composition and expresses individual thoughts and impressions about a particular subject or issue and does not claim to be an exhaustive interpretation of the topic; it is a genre that lies at the junction of artistic and journalistic creativity.

Basic requirements for writing an essay include:

  • An essay is a short prose work (at least 2-3 pages) where the author presents his opinion on a specific issue, which is reflected in the topic, weighing all the arguments “for” and “against.”
  • In the text, you can use quotations from written works and opinions of other authors, but with a clear indication of their names and sources from which the quotation (opinion) is taken in footnotes, and they cannot be more than one-third of the text.
  • A separate page should list the sources (textbooks, unique literature, online sources, reports, or speeches) used in writing the essay.

Order an essay or write on your own?

Students are overwhelmed with so much work that it is almost impossible to do everything yourself. And this is not necessary because no one forbids delegating some tasks, for example, ordering an essay from professional essay writers. The order is executed in 2-10 days – depending on the volume and complexity. If the work is returned for completion – it is given extra time. Any project, without exception, is written until the student receives a satisfactory grade. To do this, the author of the company eliminates any deficiencies and changes the head’s comments. In addition, the authors make exceptionally unique works for each customer and test them in Antiplagiarism systems.

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