IDAnetwork Highlights

Action Alert:
Senate Finance Committee to Consider IDA Legislation

This week, the Senate Finance Committee is drafting a legislative package that could include IDAs, but there is no guarantee that IDAs will make it into the final committee bill. Don’t wait.

August IDA Training in San Francisco Cancelled

The IDA Training Institute scheduled August 5 – 6 in San Francisco, CA through the Neighborhood Reinvestment Training Institute has been cancelled. A list of new trainings is available in Upcoming Events.

Financial Literacy Curriculum, Now Available

The IDA Financial Literacy Curriculum, Finding Paths to Prosperity is now available for download, preview, and ordering. Find out how to order and learn more about the Financial Literacy Initiative

Windows Bug Affects MIS IDA Data Export

A bug in Windows 2000 / XP may affect data exported from the latest version of MIS IDA. Learn more and find out how to fix this bug at the Center for Social Development’s Website.